Version 5.1

The new assembly (version 5.1) is an improvement on version 5.0, and was generated by adjusting the order and orientation of twelve scaffolds based on unpublished genetic data (Jiao and Schneeberger, unpublished)

Version 5 (current)

This version was assembled with long PacBio reads using Falcon assembly and integrates also optical mapping and Dovetail HiC for long range scaffolding. We used a genetic map and cytogenetic map for chromsome level scaffolding.

Version 4 (deprecated)

This version is based on previous V3. Gaps in the assembly are formatted according to NCBI submission requirements.

Version 3 (deprecated)

This version is build up on V2. Scaffolds from V2 are arranged into chromosomes using the cytogenetic map and synteny to A. thaliana.

Version 2 (deprecated)

This version incorporates the 454, Illumina and BAC end data.